Founded by a member of a prominent European noble and royal house, Damacorp is managed in consortium with former government officials, experts from the tech and investment fields and a sophisticated board of advisors.
We pride ourselves on being the first firm in the citizenship and residency planning industry to incorporate Artificial Intelligence into the full journey of its global stakeholders, be it private investors or government entities. We merge the oldest trend of humanity – migration – with the latest and most advanced technologies, to provide a state-of-the-art service to our exclusive clientele.
Not only do we position ourselves at the cutting-edge of the technological frontier, but at Damacorp, we also operate as a community of like-minded and trusted members. Once a client has been onboarded onto our member platform and proprietary ecosystem, we facilitate the connection between our clients to encourage the co-investments and joint ventures of the future. All our members share the passion for a more globalized world and have demonstrated unique business acumen that is without a doubt useful to all participants.


To build and maintain trusted relationships with our clients and business partners by understanding the big picture objectives of each party and delivering excellence by always thinking out of the box and using the 360’ strategy.


To become the preferred partner of high net worth individuals and governments all over the world in shaping a future where business and lifestyle have no limits. We aim to achieve this with our proprietary algorithms and the smart use of the most advanced technologies; combined with a faster and more efficient methodology, thus yielding greater returns for all our stakeholders.

our values

  • Innovation

    We are always researching and developing innovative solutions for a better customer experience.

  • Thinking Big

    We are devoted to aiming higher and further with every step we take.

  • Impact

    We thrive by making a positive impact on our customers’ lives.

  • Results

    We are committed to delivering excellence and achieving the best outcome in every situation.

  • Transparency

    We believe in building trust and loyalty with full transparency.

  • Passion

    We share the passion for a more globalized world.

our expertise

Our expertise is built on making our customer’s life easier and their experience more enjoyable. We achieve this thanks to a smart combination of the latest technologies and exclusive partnerships around the world. With extensive industry knowledge and a proven positive track record, we are able to assist you in all citizenship or residency matters, as well as related investment opportunities.


Get to know our clients and understand their needs and preferences.


Define the best strategy for their profile.


Implement the strategy in the most efficient and straightforward way.


Achieve the desired results.


Onboard the clients on to our proprietary members portal.


Assist the clients with any after-sales services they may need.